Well, it's been exactly two weeks since I launched perfect 10 and it has been an absolute blast! I have to thank all of my friends and family for all of their kind words-- thank you. I am so appreciative of all of the support I received from everyone. I really didn't know how the launch would go, but now I can't believe it's already been two weeks. I have absolutely loved sharing my thoughts and having a creative outlet.

I thought that having a website and being behind a computer would make me feel isolated, but so far the opposite is true. Getting emails from friends, featuring perfect people, and taking photos of strangers on the street has made me feel more connected than ever. 

There are some exciting things coming up for perfect 10. I will be hosting a launch party in early June at a San Francisco boutique. I will share the details soon and I hope you can make it!

I wanted to share a few photos of the spot where perfect 10 launched. It wasn't at my house, or in a coffee shop, it was in a library! Does anyone ever go to libraries anymore? Well, if you are a graduate student you do. Tomorrow is the last day of my semester (only one more year left) and about three weeks ago, I stumbled upon the beautiful Del Santo Reading Room at USF. It is so gorgeous-- I wish I had found it sooner! It reminds me of a castle and George Clooney's house in Lake Como. I could not have found a more perfect place to create perfect 10.