Yesterday when I was driving to my last class of the semester (yahoo!), I was on the phone with my mom and she told me to buy a lotto ticket. She has said this to me my entire life. Growing up, I had the BEST luck. I would enter contests and raffles and would always win. We would always get calls during dinner from companies trying to contact the lucky winner. Most of the time, I couldn't claim the prize because it was for contestants 21 and over.

After we got off of the phone, I heard a contest on the radio. Caller number 9 would win a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day from Farmgirl Flowers. I had this very strong feeling-- I knew I was going to win this prize. So I called in and then realized I had the wrong number. So I called the right number....ring, ring, ring. I hung up. I called back and it was busy. I redialed and it was just ringing. I called back again-- because I knew I was going to win. Sure enough, I heard the DJ pick up and say, "what's your name?" and I said "Caroline!!!!" "Congratulations, Caroline! You are our winner!"

I wasn't in shock-- I just felt great! Honestly, I felt like I could have run a half marathon I was so happy. I told the DJ that I knew I was going to win. She said that I wasn't actually caller 9. The actual winner had won tickets the week before and was ineligible and that I should go buy a lotto ticket!! So I said to her, you mean I'm a perfect 10? YES!

I am going to embrace this lucky streak and buy a lotto ticket tonight. What would you do if you won the lotto? Obviously I'd give some to friends and family, donate some to ICA, and then fill my closet with every combination of custom Manolo Blahniks!

ps- check out Farmgirl Flowers! Super cool!