I met Kim through Jenna during our freshman year of college. I was hanging out with Jenna in her dorm room, when this beautiful, energetic, bubbly, hall mate came and introduced herself. Ever since then, Kim and I have been close friends.

kim. isn't she absolutely perfect?!

kim. isn't she absolutely perfect?!

Kim is the most talented and generous person I have ever met. She is always thinking about others. She is an amazing photographer and has won several awards and has had her own photography show. Also, she is so humble about how talented she is.

I have to give her a special shout out because she is perfect 10's #1 supporter. I know that Kim is going places-- I guarantee that she becomes CEO of some nationwide company. Oh, I also forgot to mention that she also has ah-may-zing taste in music and knows about every artist before they become popular. I think she has over 100,000 songs in her iTunes library.

I am beyond blessed to have her in my life and am so appreciative for the memories we have shared. OMG, I almost forgot!! She was visiting San Francisco the first night Jesse and I hung out. She was sitting on my door step because she couldn't figure out the door while Jesse and I were hanging out in his car.....sorry, Kim! Oh, and she helped me do my makeup on my wedding day!! She has so many talents!

Here are Kim's perfect 10 pairs and some of her photos-- I had to share them! These are just a snapshot! We had the opportunity to travel to Europe together and these are some of my favorite photos that she took. She also does portraits so check out her website.

caroline curran