Jackson Pollock was an influential American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. He was well known for his unique style of drip painting.

During his lifetime, Pollock enjoyed considerable fame and notoriety, a major artist of his generation. Regarded as reclusive, he had a volatile personality, and struggled with alcoholism for most of his life. In 1945, he married the artist Lee Krasner, who became an important influence on his career and on his legacy.

In 1956, Pollock died at the age of 44 in an alcohol-related, single-car accident while he was driving. 

I love this tibi splatter print ankle skirt. When I first saw the print, I immediately thought of Pollock's work. Two of my favorite people are wearing the skirt- Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific and Eva Chen of Lucky Magazine. I found one pair of tibi shoes with the splatter print that I am dubbing the "pollock print".

autumn rhythm. jackson pollock.

autumn rhythm. jackson pollock.