Going to high school in Pacific Heights, my friends and I would spend our free periods strolling along Fillmore. We'd get some caffeine from Tully's and pop into all of the boutiques on Fillmore, before rushing back to Broadway, as to not miss our E Period Class.

As a San Francisco native, it has been interesting to see the stores come and go over the years. One boutique that I am happy to see thrive on Fillmore is CURVE Boutique on Fillmore and Washington.

The beautiful store is expansive, yet somehow manages to be intimate. I love popping in there and chatting with the manager and swapping styling tips. The clientele is SF's finest-- the last time I was in there Danielle Steel was purchasing a few items. I have my eyes on their Valentino Rock Stud Gloves and Altuzarra sweaters and blouses.

Check out this perfect place if you're on Fillmore! You won't be disappointed!