I've been a long time Harry Potter fan and have read each book and seen each movie a handful of times. Every holiday season, Jesse and I start with "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" and watch all of the movies in order. It's fun to re-watch the movies and see details that we've missed.

I'd love to meet the cast and make them say hamburger over and over in their British accents. I came close to meeting Daniel Radcliffe a few years ago when I saw him in the lead role in "Equus" on Broadway. He really is a fantastic actor.

I'd love to meet perfect Potter cast member, Emma Watson. From a young age she has been a style inspiration to everyone in Hollywood. Her poise, calm demeanor, wit, and humility make her so likable.  

She's not just a smarty pants when it comes to fighting monsters or acing her Brown classes. We are under her style spell because of her astute selection of graduation day footwear. Her white pointy-toe sling backs are pure perfection.

Here are the perfect 10 pairs inspirited by our perfect Potter graduate.

perfect selfie from the graduate!

perfect selfie from the graduate!

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