There are many beautiful houses in San Francisco, but there is one in particular that captures my heart. It is the Mondrian house on The Great Highway and Quintara. I have never wanted to meet the owners of a home more! Last weekend Jesse and I rode our bikes in front of the Mondrian house and it make me feel grateful that San Francisco is so unique.

Here are a few perfect pieces inspired by Piet.

Yves Saint Laurent Mondrian-Inspired Print. 1965.

piet quote.png

Many know the iconic style, but know little about it's origins and the artiest behind it. Piet Mondrian was one of the founders of the Dutch modern movement De Stijl. The movement simplified compositions of vertical and horizontal directions and only used primary colors, white, and black.

Piet is recognized for the purity of his abstractions and methodical approach. He radically simplified the elements of his paintings to reflect what he saw as the spiritual order underlying the visible world, creating a clear, universal aesthetic language within his canvases.

In his best known paintings from the 1920s, Mondrian reduced his shapes to lines and rectangles and his palette to fundamental basics.

His use of asymmetrical balance and a simplified pictorial vocabulary were crucial in the development of modern art, and his iconic abstract works remain influential in design and familiar in popular culture to this day. I love perfect pieces that are inspired by Mondrian.


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