When I joined that co-ed volleyball team in 2009, I had absolutely no idea that I would meet my husband and so many wonderful people who would become my best friends. I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer-- the best way to describe her is "all-star". Her killer outside swing, defense, intensity, and competitive drive made her an awesome teammate. On top of that, her thoughtfulness, generosity, compassion, and sense of humor make her a perfect friend.

my favorites! Jennifer & Sean.

my favorites! Jennifer & Sean.

Since becoming instant BFFs, our friendship has blossomed into something very special. We've seen each other through birthdays, weddings, new jobs, moves, and the births of her nephew and my nieces.

When she and her husband Sean moved back to her hometown of Santa Barbara, we were all heartbroken. Luckily for all of us, they couldn't stay away from the bay area and are living in Oakland. Life is so much better with them near!!

Jennifer doesn't just share her warmth, tenderness, creativity, and intellect with her friends. She is a dedicated teacher to the students at Think College Now, a school focused on closing the achievement gap and giving all students an equal opportunity to attend college and pursue their dreams. She is so invested in the success of her students that she let them throw a pie in her face after they had achieved their monthly goals!!! #bestteacherEVER

Jennifer is so gorgeous and captivating and everyone gravitates towards her. She has wonderful friends and I am grateful for all of the couples she has introduced us to (shout out Nina & Ryan!). Jennifer has a way of creating a welcoming, family atmosphere and all of us are so blessed to know her-- she is absolutely perfect!

Here are her perfect 10 pairs for teachers!!! Congratulations on surviving the school year!! HAPPY SUMMER!

one // two // three 


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