I love stumbling upon local designers who are doing something right for our feet. I just learned about Bay Area-based shoe designer, Anyi Lu. She has such a remarkable story and I find her dedication inspiring.

Anyi Lu began her career in fashion footwear after her sister’s wedding. Finding the dress was easy, but finding a beautiful shoe the bride could wear all day–nearly impossible. At that moment, the idea for ANYI LU was born.

Her background as a chemical engineer at Chevron and DuPont combined with a passion for ballroom dancing, has been crucial to the success of ANYI LU. She brings her engineer’s problem-solving skills to all her designs, as well as looking to dance shoes as inspiration for movement, fit, flexibility, and stability.

I'm excited to go to my first wedding this weekend, but I can already feel my feet hurting. I can't wait to get a pair of ANYI LU shoes for upcoming work events!

Fashioncaroline curran