I am really lucky because one of my best friends, Michelle, is an extraordinary hair stylist and salon owner (Check out Michelle's post here). She is extremely knowledgable and keeps me informed of hair trends, styling tips, and products. She uses Bumble & Bumble at her salon and I love the smell and how light weight and effective it is.

Here are the perfect Bumble & Bumble products that I use and think are perfect for your hair!

 gentle shampoo- smells so good and is, as you would expect, very gentle.

straight conditioner- save time on your drying and styling time with this straightening conditioner.

grooming creme- perfect for a polished and elegant look.

pret-a-powder- life changing. the PERFECT dry shampoo. it not only helps extend your blowout and is the only dry shampoo that smells good.