I absolutely love being married to a brilliant man who works in tech and I will tell you why. There are actually a lot of reasons, but to name a few: Jesse helps to make sure that Perfect 10 SF is using the best technology and practices, he is extremely patient, loves solving problems, and can photoshop any pimple, sunburn, or henna tattoo off of me (all of those things have been done). But I also love being married to someone who has some of the most comfortable shirts in all of the world.

blogger and mongo db user.

blogger and mongo db user.

Engineers care about fashion as much as bloggers care about Mongo DB. Exactly- neither know a thing about the other. Engineers work long days coding at their computer with noise canceling headphones and techno music and just want to be comfortable. Companies realized this and made the most comfortable shirts (aside from Marine Layer) and put their tech company's logo on it to distribute. Jesse gets a ton of t-shirts each week and I get to steal them!!

[Now that I am thinking about, bloggers should be a lot more into what engineers are doing because without them, we would not have ANY of the opportunities that we have!]

If you don't have a tech boyfriend / husband / girlfriend / person to steal t-shirts from I have two suggestions: you can start on Codecademy and learn to code (I did this for a few weeks-- it's super fun!) or you can go to East Dane and steal from the boys' site.

I've found some great Rag & Bone menswear that you can steal and pass for perfect womenswear. 

**This post is sponsored by Jesse.*

*Just kidding. I love my hubby!!!

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