Claire is the youngest of the Curran family and is by far the most entertaining. She has been making our family laugh since she was a baby. My family has many infamous quotes that we always say to one another. [Come to think of it, most of the quotes are from a sibling being extremely disappointed in someone or something and over the years since we have repeated it so many times it has become funny] and most of our favorite quotes come from Claire.

Claire and I are were instantly best friends. I vividly remember rushing home from Kindergarden because my mom and Claire had just gotten home from the hospital. I ran upstairs to my parents' room to see Claire and I picked her up out of the bassinet. I went to the top of the stairs and said, "Mom, can I play with Claire?" and my mom said, "no, Claire is sleeping!" to which I said, "no, she's not. I'm looking at her right now and she's wide awake!" My mom ran up the stairs as fast as she could. Little did she know that I was holding my new best friend with all of my heart. Ever since then we have had a special friendship and an unbreakable bond.

Claire is the most thoughtful, generous, and nurturing person I know. She is always corralling our family together for dinners, holidays, and started the annual Curran Family Fright Feast. She is also the forewoman on our home makeover in Sonoma. She sends weekly emails with our to-do list. Without Claire our family would be absolutely lost.

Claire is a diva for sure. She's got a voice better than Cher's, dance moves better than Tina Turner, and style just as great as her icon, Celine Dion. I feel so lucky to know Claire and thrilled that she is my sister. Everyone who meets her absolutely loves her.

2nd Annual Fright Feast: Indiana Jones and a Snake, Iron Chef, Katy Perry, Superman, Jockey, Trainer, and Bookie.

2nd Annual Fright Feast: Indiana Jones and a Snake, Iron Chef, Katy Perry, Superman, Jockey, Trainer, and Bookie.

Since the time she was 12 she has had a vision for life. It is her creativity, dedication, ambition, and warm heart that inspired her to launch her events company, Claire Curran Events. She has coordinated weddings up and down the California coast and was even featured in Style Me Pretty! She is the go-to woman for a perfect party. She loves making every little detail perfect but is still able to see the bigger picture and make sure everyone has a great time. I could go on and on about how wonderful she is!



I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have Clear in my life! I am excited to see what she accomplishes! If you looking for a wedding planner, give her a call!


Here are Claire's perfect pairs!