I wasn't part of the group of people who were obsessed with "Mean Girls" when it came out ten years ago. I actually don't think I saw it for a few months after its release. When I finally saw it I thought it was great. There are so many great lines and Jesse and I always say to one another, "you go Glen Coco!" and I always say, "she doesn't even go here!".

I took away a few things from the movie: 

  1. I'm thrilled I went to an all-girls school where we didn't have any mean girls.
  2. Tina Fey is a goddess.
  3. Lindsay Lohan's best role was "Parent Trap" (I watched that the other night. So good!)
  4. On Wednesdays we wear PINK. 

I try and wear pink on Wednesdays just to make myself laugh. Since I've been living in my Jenni Kayne flats, I always have a touch of pink on. I wore this outfit for a date night and love the pop of pink.

jacket: j.crew  ||  pants: j.crew  || top: kate spade  ||  boots: rag&bone  || purse: kate spade  

Here are some other perfect pink pieces for Wednesdays!