Hair done by Whitney at The Woodbridge SF.

Hair done by Whitney at The Woodbridge SF.

A few weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to visit The Woodbridge SF, a new salon that opened in December of last year. In a few short months, this salon has made a name for itself on Chestnut Street. I first found out about the salon on Instagram when they liked one of my photos. I was intrigued by the name and checked out their images. I loved seeing all of the beautiful images of perfect hair!!

I was able to meet the salon owner, Ashley and get my hair done for the ModCloth shoot by the very talented Whitney. I loved how friendly and welcoming they were. It was great working with Whitney because we clicked right away and she understood the exact look I was going for.

I didn't know it when I scheduled the appointment, but the salon actually is nostalgic for me. Prior to The WoodBridge SF, the space was Olé's Hair Salon where my Nana would get her hair done every week. I told Ashley this and she told me that her grandmother had a salon in the town of Woodbridge and that's how Ashley came up with the name. It was too perfect of a coincidence-- the space reminded us both of our Nanas!! If you at the image about you will see the newspaper clipping that announced Ashley's grandmother's salon opening!

With a great space, perfect people, amazing products, and fun events at night, I highly recommend you check out The Woodbridge SF! 

A special thank you to Ashley, Whitney, and Kat for a great experience. I'll be back soon! xo


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