Since I started the day talking about my sleeping habits with my fluffer nutter, I thought I would end today sharing my bed time routine. I shower both morning and night. I am a creature of habit, which I think is actually an evolution of my extremely superstitious personality. For example, every single night when I get out of the shower I say to Jesse, "I didn't want to get out. I thought about sleeping in there." I say that every single night.

I usually shower, brush my teeth, floss, and apply lots of lotions and I always find some place on my body to apply Neosporin. I put it on pimples, under my eyes, on my tootsies, any where!

I slip on some pajamas and put the fluff over my face. Good night!

Here are the perfect products I use before bed. I mostly use Esteé Lauder because that is what my Nana used exclusively and she had the most amazing skin.