In honor of this week's throw back Thursday, I wanted to share one of my favorite photos of my siblings and me. When we were younger my parents used to throw us all in the mini-van and head up to "the snow". We would drive north until we saw our first patch of snow, would get out and sled down the snow. As you can see from the photo there is a high rock to snow ratio. I can't believe my parents (actually, I can) let us sled on this! 

Talk about #SFstyle: Gotta love the big bows in our hair, Caitlin's SVdP sweatshirt, and my San Francisco sweatshirt. When I look at photos like this one I am reminded of the love my parents shared with all of us and the fun that they cultivated-- I couldn't ask for a better family! Over the past couple of years It has been fun to have our family grow with brothers-in-laws and nieces and every day I feel so lucky. #CurranFamily


I also thought I would share all of the nicknames in our family:

Danny: Dan the Man // Big City // Bine

Caitlin: Tootsie // Flame Fondue

Caroline: Sweet Caroline // Distructo Baby

Colleen: Colleenie Beanie // Bean // Qwish // Sissy

Claire: Claire Bear // Clear // Meronakiss

Dad: Timoteo // Gramps

Celine: Celeste // Princess // Moncher

You can also call anyone in the family Tina.

We all call one another Tina, it can be confusing but it's very funny.

Throwback Thursday pairs.