I am really excited for today's post on my dear friend, Rachel because I think she is absolutely wonderful, but also because I am in love with the story of how we met and became friends!

In the spring of last year, my dear friend Shomrat told me that his co-workers' fiancé was going to be starting at USF in my MFT program and I should keep an eye out for her. Cut to June 2013 when I attended the New Student Welcome Reception as one of the program reps. I got to chatting with the incoming students and gave them all of the details of the program: the good, the bad, and the ugly. I met this darling woman Rachel who was asking me what I thought about her missing the first two weeks of class because she was getting married and going on her honeymoon. We instantly clicked and I assured her that everything would be fine, this is a Marriage and Family Therapy program, after all.

shom's coworker and wife rachel and my new friend.

shom's coworker and wife rachel and my new friend.

Cut to summer 2013 when I'm walking down the street and put all of the pieces together that Shom's coworkers' fiancé is Rachel. Rachel is Shom's coworkers' fiancé!!

Although Rachel and I were in the program together, we barely saw one another aside from the occasional hallway run-in.

It seems like were destined to be friends and nothing was going to stand in the way! I had the pleasure of joining Rachel's amazing cohort for our Family Systems Therapy Class. To date, it has been one of my favorite classes at USF because of our amazing professor Patty, the engaging material, and the special bonds formed with everyone in the class.

Prior to this class, most of the time with Rachel was very brief. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be in class with Rachel and get to know her as the articulate, thoughtful, interesting, compassionate, intelligent, and gracious woman that her friends, family, and lucky husband know. I would be remiss not to mention that she has the best nails and she changes them weekly. #perfectpolish

The last day of class I told Rachel that I have this feeling. I told her that I felt like had we met earlier in life, high school or college, we would have been best friends. She is independent, out-spoken, authentic, and downright lovely. But the thing that I like most about her and that will make her an amazing therapist, wife, and mother is her desire to always push herself to be better.

I asked Rachel to send me her perfect pairs so that I could share them on my blog. Like I said, I know we were supposed to be friends-- she sent me pairs that I have marked as perfect pairs! #twinsies

I am grateful to have gotten to know Rachel better during our summer course and am excited to see our friendship grow. Here are Rachel's perfect pairs! The last pair are her wedding shoes!


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