When I visited my favorite salon, Lyon Street Salon for a quick appointment, I discovered some new Bumble and Bumble products that I just had to have. Check out these perfect products to maintain healthy hair and two must-have brushes. Go to Sephora asap and get these!

I decided that I am going to get back into braiding. I remember growing up my sisters and I would braid one another's hair. I'm going to have to brush up on my skills (and learn how to actually french braid) so I'm thinking I need to brush up with the Holy Bible of Braiding--the "Braids & Bows" book!!!! Take me back!!!! Remember it came with the instructions and a pack of hair ties and accessories?!

I think we got this book at the Imaginarium! I am really taking a trip down memory lane here. We also had the face painting book, too! If anyone wants me to braid their hair, let me know!

Here are the perfect B&B products that I'm going to get before hopping aboard the braid train!