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Lori is one of my best friends because of her great sense of humor, positive spirit (she is honestly always in a good mood!), and thoughtfulness. She is always thinking of others and loves to make others feel special.

I've been SO lucky to know Lori my entire life!! We have gone to school together since Kindergarten and were roommates in college for three years. We've seen each other through everything: first dates, braces, awkward school dances, graduations, new apartments, and new jobs (I will spare you all of the pictures!).

Needless to say, I cannot image my life without Lori. She is a dear friend, a trusted confidant, and a perfect person.

Lori is a natural peacemaker, a talented artist, and amazing aunt to her niece Samantha. I am inspired by and excited for Lori and her recent decision to return to school at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I cannot wait to see what she accomplishes in the field of fashion!!

I have many great memories with Lori from over the years-- going to the pumpkin patch in 1st grade, playing soccer together, high school dances, road trips, terrible mix cds, N'Sync Concerts, birthdays, my wedding, and oh, so many more. I could go on and on about Lori and her love for New Kids on the Block, Hawaii, and floral dresses, but I'd rather share her perfect pairs!

Let me end by saying that Lori's friendship has been a true gift over the years. With our busy schedules it is hard to find time to get together, but when we do it is as if nothing has changed. I am beyond grateful for the fun times Lori and I have had together and cannot wait to see everything she does in the future!

Here are Lori's perfect pairs! Take note from this fashionable lady!

caroline curran