dior: safari beige // nars x 3.1. phillip lim: hell bent // butter: primrose hill picnic // tenoverten for j.crew: delancey // guerlain: protective base coat

Nail polish is having a serious moment (okay, maybe for the past couple of years) and I think it's wonderful!  While I mostly stick to the basics (pinks, nudes, & red), I occasionally venture into the more adventurous side and throw in a blue or a yellow. Actually my favorite colors to wear are pastels- a light purple or blue. 

When I need a little nailspo I go check out Eva Chen's perfect polished nails on Instagram. I don't follow nail trends and don't know which colors are best for fall so I have asked two perfect people to write posts about their extensive knowledge on perfect polish. Stay tuned for posts from Rachel and Natalie.

[On a sidenote: I truly am thinking about opening a nail salon that is like The Dry Dar: you schedule an appointment, you know exactly how long it will take, you don't feel rushed, and you get to sip on champagne!]

A couple of things I have learned over the years:

// BYO nail polish to the nail salon // I always bring my own nail polish for several reasons: I think it's cleaner, you know the color you are getting, and sometimes the nail polishes at salons are so old and get thick so they add thinner and then it gets too runny. No bueno. Oh, and you can also do touchups at home when you inevitably smudge it.

// Throw it away //  I usually throw my nail polish away after 4-5 months. I know it's hard to do after you've spent $18 bucks on it, but it's past it's shelf life and it's so gooey. Just throw it out.

// Mix high and low // I love nail polishes from Dior, Nars, Essie, but I also think the best bargain nail polish is Sally Hansen XTreme Wear. I usually pick it up at Walgreens and it costs $3.29-- that's cheaper than a Starbucks or a Pressed Juice. It goes on smoothly and dries very quickly-- I highly recommend it.

// Give it a rest // I switch nail colors about every three days and always let my nails breathe in between-- it's good to give them a break from the nail polish. 

// My Perfect Polish Secret...shhh! // Getting a manicure once a week is time consuming, expensive, and hard as I try, there's an 80% chance of messing it up before making it home. My secret is to go get a manicure and then switch the polish at home later in the week so you feel like you got two manicures for the price of one. I also like to pop in and get a quick nail polish change. It's faster, cheaper, and looks great!

perfect polishes that are currently in my rotation for summer:

sally hansen. my favorite three colors.

sally hansen. my favorite three colors.

my two favorite pastels from essie: bikini so teeny and sand tropez.

my two favorite pastels from essie: bikini so teeny and sand tropez.