in honor of #TBT

in honor of #TBT

People often think of plaid as a fall and winter pattern. But when you go to Catholic school and your uniform is an itchy plaid jumper, plaid becomes synonymous with a school year full of homework, tests, and reading. Luckily I was a good student (am? not sure-- need to ask my USF professors. I'd rather blog than do homework, which is a REAL problem) and uniforms are nostalgic for me.

This summer I have had a uniform of sorts-- jeans, loafers, oxfords. It made me think about my school uniform and how easy life was. You just throw on the same outfit every day. I think wearing uniforms for 13 years of my life really shaped my approach to fashion. I have an on/off switch when it comes to fashion. Half of the time I am in work out clothes / jeans and polo / white pants and a collared shirt and then when I want to turn the fashion switch on I can: heels, Chanel, fur, Celine, and couture.

Since my professional career as a counselor requires that I listen to others and am fully present as they share their thoughts and concerns, I don't like to wear clothes that might be distracting or draw too much attention to me. I'm grateful that I am able to switch between couture and comfort so easily, I just hope that when we bump into one another I am in my heels!

Here are some perfect plaid pairs that I will have to add into my comfortable uniform-- because it's not officially a uniform unless there's some plaid!

Perfect Post Script: I think the photo above is from 1st grade. Every day in elementary school, my three sisters and I wore huge big bows in our hair. Everyone knew the Curran girls for their bows. I guess it was my mom's way of spicing up the plaid uniform.