simply stunning. too perfect.

simply stunning. too perfect.

This post about Beth is long overdue. She has been a perfect person in my life for as long as I can remember and has been so supportive of Perfect 10.

Growing up she was always the most fun person to be around. Her sense of humor is very unique and resulted in many weird and unbelievable situations and uncontrollable bursts of laughter. Some of my best memories are vacations spent camping with our two families and Jenna's family.

Over the years, I have looked up to Beth for her beauty, dedication, quirkiness, and constant desire to have a good time. With her talent, wit, and undeniable comic timing, she should have been a star on Saturday Night Live. Kristen Wiig is a second rate version of Beth (which says a lot because I love Kristen).

While she is hilarious, the best word to describe Beth is passionate. It is her passion for horses, sparked as a young girl, that led her to ditch city living for the wild, wild west aka San Luis Obispo. I know, it's hard to believe she enjoys spending time in barns around horse manure because she is so beautiful, but it's true.

Her wedding last October was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to and she looked absolutely PERFECT. Honestly, all brides dream of looking like Beth on their wedding day. I am just dying going through her wedding photos again! They are too perfect-- I just had to share them! Enjoy these photos of Beth and her perfect husband John!

[Sidenote: Beth and Meghan knew one another before I had ever met Meghan. It was so funny to put it all together via instagram! Such a small world!]

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beth 4.jpg

I had to ask Beth to share with all of us her perfect pairs of boots! Here they are!!

Thanks Beth for teaching us so much!



A background in "boot culture" first.  Cowboy/cowgirl boots are mainly intended for riding due to the comfort, flexibility and safety of them.  Foot comfort is so important, because most people don't have time to change their boots after they ride, so boots become an all day thing for riding to fence fixing to all around ranch work.  You spend a lot of time in them, so I guess you can say that's why there is so much pride in them. Most people will buy "off the shelf" boots for everyday use.  Adjustments can also be made to boots depending on certain makers.  You can choose your toe shape, leather color, material (there's stingray, full quill ostrich, smooth ostrich, leather, snake and lizard and even alligator), and boot top design.  You can even have custom top with your brand, initials or Alma Mater.  Texas A and M tops are very popular for alumni.  You can also have a fully custom made boot where you choose every aspect of what ends up on your final product.  Kind of like taking monogramming up a considerable notch.  Custom made boots can start around $700-800 depending on your choices and go up from there!  John had a pair made for our wedding from Rios of Mercedes and chose the leather type, toe shape, heel height and shape, top length, color and design.  They featured inlaid leather with his cattle brand on the back and a bronc rider on the front since he used to bronc ride in college.  Needless to say, he does not ride in these boots, they are for fancy occasions only!  Safety is also key in a riding boot.  Most people prefer a smooth leather sole so that there is nothing to "grab" and keep your foot in the stirrup should you part ways with your trusty steed - heel height and shape goes along with this as well.

Off the shelf boots are great and can last your years and many today have a lot of style and comfort...but if you really want to have a good time, hand-crafted boots are the way to go!

As far as dancing boots go, you're more likely to see a slimmer silhouette on ladies as well as a more sculpted toe and flashy design with a more feminine heel.  Color, design and style reflect the wearer.  As far as cowboys'll be lucky if their dancing boots are clean!

These are from Anderson Bean as In Stock boots.  They have plenty of In Stock boots as well as a more extensive boot gallery.  I like this pair since it's a good riding boot due to the smooth leather sole and boot height.  I love flashy colors whenever possible.  Even though they will be hidden by your jeans, you know the flair is there.  Kind of like wearing fancy lingerie under your work clothes.  You feel a little saucier just knowing it's there!

From Old Gringo, called "Lucky",  These boots I have admired for a loooong time.  Embroidered tops with a few rhinestones as accents.  These would be considered dancing boots due to the heel height and toe shape.

An example for a flashier top design from Rios of Mercedes.  Higher and straight top style is more common in Texas where snakes and brush are a problem.  See, you can still be stylish when considering run-in's with snakes in your footwear choices!

This pair of Frye's makes my heart go pitter patter.  Not western riding or dancing boots, but over the knee style with an "equestrian" flair.  be still me heart.

stella & jagger.

stella & jagger.




 Stella is the lighter horse, named because she is so feminine.  Her dad's name had "Stylish" in it so I also figured Stella was a designer's name!  Jagger is named for his sweet moves.  That horse just looks like he floats.  Hula's name was honestly random.  It was the only one I came up with and it stuck.  

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