|||   coat :  j.crew  ||   dress :  rag & bone, karlie.  ||   belt:   chanel   ||   shoes :  zara  ||  clutch :  coach.  ||  necklace :  kate spade  |||   

          |||  coat: j.crew ||  dress: rag & bone, karlie. ||  belt: chanel  ||  shoes: zara || clutch: coach. || necklace: kate spade |||


Jesse and I had so much fun celebrating at our friends' beautiful wedding this past weekend, but we didn't get a lot of alone time so we wanted to go out on a date. Monday night dates are the best! All of the restaurants and bars are empty and since it's so much quieter we can hear one another (and I don't have anyone to eavesdrop on so I can really pay attention to all of Jesse's updates on BuildingConnected).

My go-to date look is black, chic, and timeless. You would never know based on this look that it is summer in SF, except for my bare legs-- normally I throw on tights. We popped over to one of our favorite neighborhood places, Pomelo. It's intimate, the service is great, and the food is delicious.


If you want to get my date night look, here are some perfect pieces!

Don't forget to add lipstick and a smile!