If you've been following Perfect 10 SF for a while, you already know that I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I have read all of the books and watch all of the movies every Christmas. When I found this sweater in the Men's Section at Crossroads I knew I had to get it. I love the thick stripes and the patch-- it makes me feel like I am on Platform 9 3/4 boarding the Hogwarts Express.

Since the only school I am going to teaches a different type of magic (where are my MFTs at?!), I have to get my Hogwarts fill on It's a website for HP fans and you can find out which Hogwarts house you belong in, learn spells, and shop at Diagon Alley. Check it out if you need more Harry in your life!

sweater: cantebury of nz // skirt: forever 21 // purse and bracelets: kate spade // necklace: j.crew      // shoes: chanel //

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