I have been a long time fan of Crossroads Trading Company and I always love popping into their Fillmore Street location and seeing what new items they have. I see it as more than just a store for recycled clothes. I see it as a window into the closets of so many fabulous San Franciscans. Think about it, most pieces in there belonged to someone else at some point. You can pick up any pair of shoes, designer jacket, purse and think to yourself, " some point there was a person in a store totally in love with this piece and had to buy it. Or maybe this piece was a gift from someone's sister in law. Or maybe someone ordered something online and it didn't fit but it was final sale." Whatever the reason that these pieces end up in Crossroads' extremely well curated store, I love that I have the opportunity to make them mine.

I love reading the Crossroads blog and reading their trendspotting section, style crush, look of the week, contests, and more. Amber, the voice behind the blog, is funny, sweet, likable, and I love reading all of her posts. I have to say I'm a little biased and love her recent post on Perfect 10 SF (if you're biased towards yourself is that confidence or narcissism?).

If you want to get to know me a little better, read Amber's post here!

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