Thank you to talented artist, Emily Suh of Runway Doodles for surprising me with this perfect present! Check out her perfect pieces and blog on her site! I am so impressed by her talent and I asked her to share a little bit about herself! Thank you so much, Emily!!!!! xoxoxo, Caroline

I am a 19 year old student at School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) who has grown up in the bay for most of my life. I've been passionate about fashion and the art world for as long as I can remember and San Francisco provided a great place for me to observe the world of street style. When I graduated high school I moved to Florence, Italy and was able to observe the how the art and fashion industry influence each others decisions and how that makes an impact on culture. As an illustrator I strive to create works that are imaginative and fun while sticking to a person's individual style and I hope to be illustrating people who love fashion for many years! -Emily Suh

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caroline curran