perfect pair: jimmy choo

I'm sorry! This post about Ann is long overdue. I've had it in draft mode for a while because I wanted it to be perfect and do justice to the goddess that is Ann! She is essentially cousins with my brother-in-law and even before I met Ann, I had heard so many wonderful things about her: warm, talented, creative, thoughtful, generous, and with an incomparable attention to detail.

I don't remember the exact time I first met Ann, but I am grateful for the friendship that has blossomed over the years. In some ways I feel like her little sister. Seeing her at family gatherings, wedding and baby showers, and around the holidays, I absolutely love catching up with her and hearing about her travels, work, and exciting projects.

For those of us who are lucky to know Ann, we've undoubtedly had the pleasure to attend an event hosted by her. No detail is spared and everything is flawless. From perfectly selected invitations to gorgeous floral centerpieces she created, Ann always outdoes herself (if we didn't love her so much, we probably would be very upset and jealous of her).

For those of you who don't know Ann, picture Martha Stewart meets Mindy Weiss meets your favorite Pinterest board meets Jony Ive meets Kate Spade's more stylish cousin. Now hopefully you're getting it. Okay, this might help: for a shower Ann hosted for my sister, one of her presents to Caitlin was thank you notes with envelopes that had guests' addresses and stamps! I know every bride wishes that their hosts would do that for them!

More than being perfect on the outside, Ann is one of the most thoughtful, hard working, ambitious, and selfless women I know. I am constantly inspired by all that she achieves and am very grateful to have her in my life (and Garrett, too). Maybe we can allure Ann into writing a guest post about tips for the perfect party! Until then, here are her perfect pairs! Enjoy!

caroline curran