skirt: halogen (also like this one and can't wait to get this one for the holidays)

// purse: michael kors (fell in love with this one for fall) // shoes: ambiance

sweater: forever 21 (this is my favorite sweater ever! This is a tie with El Capitan for show stopper when walking down the street) // 

The weather has been pretty unpredictable in San Francisco recently. Warm, then cold, then warm, then earth quake, then muggy, then cold, then colder. I love this outfit because the midi skirt and light weight sweater make the transition from summer to fall so easy. I always love to dress on the more feminine side and this sweater sums up my timeless, playful personality.

I'm not one to follow trends unless I really like them. I haven't gotten aboard the Birkenstock, overalls (so 1994), Boy Bag (I'm more classic quilted), off the shoulder, aviators trendy express train to Pleasantville. I know what I like and what looks good on me (pearls, lipstick, structured pieces, a-line shapes, sleeves, and a smile) so I don't venture into trends. I was talking with J'Amy Tarr the other day and we were dying of laughter as I told her memories of my mother taking me shopping at Ann Taylor (before they got their redesign two years ago with stuff that I love) and I would get silk taffeta pants and white button down blouses. One time at my graduation luncheon I was wearing the same outfit as a mother! I came to the realization that I've been dressing like a 50 year old woman since I was 15. I think I have matching outfits with Hillary Rodham Clinton (which I guess explains why it was so easy to throw that Halloween costume together that one time.....)

But I really do have to laugh about the whole midi skirt phenomenon. We have two people to blame: Betty Draper and Blair Eadie (ps- Blair must read Perfect 10 SF for style tips because we are twinning). They make it look so chic. I find it funny because when you are in high school you want everything short, short, short. I can't imagine any high schoolers think this is fashionable! After giving this midi a twirl, all I have to say is you feel drab wearing it but it looks chic in photos. Maybe that's how men in kilts feel? No, that's actually the opposite.

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