This post is dedicated to all of my friends and classmates at USF! We just completed our first week of classes for our third and final year! Each day I feel closer and closer to completing the program and cannot wait to accept my diploma on stage! I think it is the first time that I will truly feel proud of myself.

I am so grateful for all of the people in my cohort and the new friends I made this summer (shou tout Fall 2013 cohort!) and am thankful that we have gotten to know one another on a very personal level. Sharing stories about our childhood, relationships, marriages, parents, and more, was difficult at first, but with the support and gracious hearts of one another, has become second nature.

I am appreciative of the genuine support that everyone at USF has given to me with Perfect 10. Reading posts, coming to the parties, saying how much they enjoy it, and even putting up with me when I show up to class with messy hair and workout clothes, I cannot thank everyone enough!!

Congratulations for making it this far and best of luck on a great semester!!


caroline curran