This weekend I am turning 29 and I could not be more excited. I've never cared about my age and because I am always so playful, I know that at whatever age I am, I will always feel young at heart.

I am particularly excited for the arrival of my birthday this year because it has been such a busy year. I love that birthdays provide you with a natural opportunity to pause and reflect on all that has happened in the last 365 days. Instead of making New Year's resolutions in January I make them on my birthday. Each year I choose a word to define what I hope for the upcoming year. In the past I have chosen motivated, live it up (not a word, but a point of view), sexy (I still laugh about this one!), professional, compassionate, articulate, and for this year I am choosing entrepreneurial!!! As begin my last year of graduate school and my traineeship, I am excited to see my career unfold and hope to explore new entrepreneurial endeavors.

For today's perfect presents series I am essentially sharing my wish list. This is not my way of guilting Jesse or friends into buying these things for me. It is so I can guilt my sisters into it! Ha! Just kidding. In a family of four girls (and one boy-- we can't forget Danny), each birthday gift to another sister is essentially something you wanted for yourself but it was around the time of your sister's birthday so you bought it for her. You give a gift to a sister knowing that one day you get to borrow it! So, Caitlin, Colleen, and Claire, please pick your favorite item from the selection below! xoxo, Caroline

caroline curran