I first heard about LillyBee University shoes from my mother this summer. She called me and said, "I'm looking at the most darling pair of shoes in the newest Oprah Magazine." When I finally saw the pair she was talking about, I was in love! I immediately went onto the LillyBee website to find out more. I was ecstatic to find out that the company was started by two talented, ambitious, creative women-- Kassie and Lisa.

One of my favorite aspects of Perfect 10 SF is that I have been able to connect with fabulous women. I reached out to Lisa and Kassie and we instantly connected. They are amazing and I am inspired by their dedication and how business savvy they are. I have the royal blue and sky blue flats with the KKG bow to represent my Kappa past and the pink and white flats to wear on Wednesday because on Wednesdays we wear pink.

I've been wearing my LillyBee flats all summer and as we transition to rain and puddles in San Francisco, I am excited to wear a pair of striped rainboots! It will be hard to pick a pair since I love them all!

Make sure you check out LillyBee and their perfect pairs! I wish I had known about LillyBee before because they make perfect bridesmaids presents! They're also perfect for game day when you want to look stylish and sporty!