I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how I love all of the comfortable t-shirts for engineers at tech companies and ever since then I have had tech on my mind, namely the new iPhone 6. I have no trouble spending $300 when it comes to shoes or fashion, but when a phone costs that much it cases me to pause and ask myself if I really need it (I clearly don't ask myself this question when it comes to shoes, although Jesse really wishes I would). 

When the iPhone 5 came out Jesse pre-ordered it and was one of the first people to have it. I got his iPhone 4s hand-me-down, which was perfect because it felt like such an upgrade from my 3. I'm looking forward to the release of the 6 because my 4s has to be charging 24/7, but mostly because I want a better camera phone (follow @Perfect10SF on Instagram here).

Here are the perfect pieces that will protect all of your beloved (and expensive) tech gadgets.

caroline curran