I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I had the best weekend with the perfect balance of socializing and relaxing. Jesse and I went out for drinks on Friday night (check out my look here). Saturday we rode bikes through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach, stopping for a picnic lunch. The weather was absolutely perfect and it felt so great to get out and enjoy the day. We had dinner with our best friends, Shom and Meagan, at Southpaw BBQ and I highly recommend it! The Natchez are a must-order! On Sunday we had brunch with Jesse's parents at one of our favorite places, The Plant on Embarcadero. We went to the gym, did our basketball shooting drills and then came home and watched Homeland (yes, we know we are two years behind on every show). I ended the weekend with a long-overdue massage and the Niners game.

Bopping around the city was so much fun. I love weekends when the Giants and the Niners are playing- the city is electric and everyone is sporting SF gear. It seems like everyone is enjoying Levi's Stadium and I haven't heard one mention of Candlestick- out with the old and in with the new. At least some things never change, Harbaugh is still wearing his dad khakis.

I'm grateful for an amazing weekend with friends, family, and football. I needed the rest and relaxation because the rest of September is so busy with San Francisco Fashion Week fast approaching! I am beyond grateful and excited to announce that I will be co-hosting an event on Thursday, September 25 for Fashion Week. Join me and other great San Francisco Bloggers at "Fashion Bloggers Connect", an event bringing bloggers and stylists together to learn more about blogging and the business behind it!

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