I think about our volleyball team often and can't believe that I met my husband and some of my very best friends, including Louisa, Jen E and Jen T. I've been wanting to write about Jen for a while because she is a dear friend, is a joy to be around, extremely fun, insightful, and compassionate.

It is extremely bittersweet to write this post on Jen because in just a few short weeks she is moving back to Texas. It has been such a joy having Jen and James and Jude in our lives and we will miss them terribly when they relocate to Austin, but cannot wait to visit!

Jen and James are an amazing couple and I am grateful for how our friendship has grown over the five years that we've known each other (they were the first married couple I met in the city). We went out to dinner with them this week at Piperade and had the best time. We were reminiscing about the first time we met, weirdos during volleyball, gambling and our Vegas trip, nights out, and other hilarious memories.

But then we moved on to other deeper, more personal topics: work, marriage, and life with a kid. Jesse always cautions me from asking too personal of questions, but I can't help it. I'm training to be a therapist, know more about others, understand relationships. Being with Jen and James (and Jude sitting in his seat eating rice puffs) and talking candidly about life and parenthood was so special and something I will miss dearly when they move. It shows a special type of friendship when you can talk about anything openly and know that others care about you.

In addition to being so beautiful on the inside, Jen is one of the most stylish women I know. She always looks put together and effortless at the same time. So, I asked her to share her perfect pairs and a little bit about them. Enjoy! 


// Birkenstocks // I bought these while backpacking Europe back in 2008 because I had only brought walking shoes and wanted a comfy and cute sandal to tour. Glad they're back "in" since I wore them in Texas and didn't get much of a chance to in San Francisco because of the weather. So now that we're moving back - yay.

// Cole Haan Wedges // I don't own this exact pair, but I have a pair of Cole Haan wedges. They are just very classic work shoes that are comfortable and give me a boost in height without me dying at the end of the day since I walk a lot throughout the day.

// Valentino Rock Studs // This is my splurge that I recently purchased and am waiting to get in! I normally do not buy expensive shoes in this range, but I have been eyeing them for a while and know that they will be great for casual and dressy wear. And since I'm moving back to Austin, I can get the higher heel - less walking! 

Shop Jen's perfect pairs here!

caroline curran