Jesse and I had the best Saturday exploring Healdsburg. We usually spend a lot of time in Sonoma or Bodega Bay, so it was fun to go a little further north to meet my best friend from college, Corey, at Barndiva for lunch. I highly recommend this lunch and dinner spot! Everything was delicious and the service was great. Jesse and I are already planning our next visit back.

After lunch, we had to have some dessert. We got some ice cream at Noblefolk Ice Cream and Pie Bar and sat outside in the square. A few places are reminiscent of the hipster scene on Valencia. Artisanal coffee and cupcakes can be found at Moustache Baked Good. We had to pop in there because a man came running out screaming, "I can't be in there. Everything looks too good! They have a giant Oreo!!!" 

After strolling around, we stumbled across Shed. This is a must-see/ do / experience when you are in Healdsburg. Part farmers market, part restaurant, part coffee shop, part farm supply store, and part nursery. Full from lunch, we just walked around and browsed their perfect products. I got a decaf americano and honestly, it was the best cup of coffee I have ever had. We sat outside and soaked up the sun, feeling perfectly content.

This northern California spot reminds me of Sonoma before it became so popular. When someone says Healdsburg, the words that come to mind are: quality, local, relaxing, quaint, personable, and charming. Sitting in the sun, sipping my coffee, we didn't want to leave and immediately began to google hotels to spend the night. We looked at h2 hotel and Hotel Healdsburg but both were sold out because it is a popular wedding weekend. We saw one of the coolest fountains and art installations at the entry of h2 hotel. The piece is called "Spoonfall" by Ned Kahn. It was gorgeous and made me want to sing, "let the spoon faallllll" by Adele.

Healdsburg is definitely worth visiting if you have the time. It sort of reminded me of the small town in one of my absolute favorite movies ever, HouseSitter. I was expecting to see Goldie Hawn or Steve Martin walking around playing house.

Here is a funny story! We were walking around the Healdsburg Art Festival and I spotted the most amazing booth of water colors. A women in the booth said to me she loved my sweatshirt so I said she could have it. She took it and told me she was the artist and would love to give me a gift (I felt like a Roman at the market place trading goods), I said I would love a mug for my mother. Her work is absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait to buy a huge print one day.

Check out her work at Life in Full Color.

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