I was having a blast the other day browsing through Pinterest looking at kitchens. I don't spend a lot of time on Pinterest because when I see an image that inspires me, I have to get up and act on that inspiration. With my new found talent for cooking (who am I kidding, I just follow the Blue Apron picture instructions), I've been getting more and more frustrated with our typical San Francisco kitchen that is missing all of the essentials: garbage disposal, dishwasher, adequate sink space, adequate counter space, adequate dining space. It never used to bother me because I never spent any time in there! Now that I am the newest Elizabeth Falkner on the block, it's getting hard to tolerate.

I remember when my parents remodeled their kitchen it was the most exciting project. It was a family affair, actually. We all got to pick out something we wanted in the kitchen (Claire got most of the say, second was my dad. Good luck, Mike). It's been a while since I perused the home remodel magazines or google imaged kitchens. So much has changed in aesthetic-- everyone wants white or grey everything with carrara marble- a far cry from the deep cherry wood cabinets and dark granite that my parents have.

Well your probably wondering what the heck? I thought this was a shoe blog! Just wait for it. I'm combining three things that I currently have on my mind: shoes, cooking, and kitchens-- with a common thread of plums. When I stumbled across this plum kitchen I was inspired!! I have this very easy grilled plum recipe from Martha Stewart (plums and ice cream=life) that I wanted to share. 

The thing that always makes me pause about Pinterest is that this images are REAL. They exist. This is someone's real kitchen. So, don't you have to believe that this person behind this plum kitchen is actually a plum addict and has lots of perfect plum pairs?! I do believe. It was Mrs. Plum, in the kitchen, with the gorgeous tile!!! We solved it!

Here are some of the plum pairs I can't stop thinking about. Check for perfect plum pairs and the perfect plum recipe below! Happy Saturday!