I was saying to Jesse, "let's get outta here! I'm done!"

I was saying to Jesse, "let's get outta here! I'm done!"

necklace, dress, bracelet: a girlfriend of mine who I like to call Kate Spade (I have my eye on this one) // shoes:  valentino (also love this pair and really want this pair)

I can't tell you how many times someone has said to me, "wow, you always look so nice/ put together / glamorous /pretty I didn't really think you could be that much fun / say that funny thing / be so self-deprecating." And I guess I'm sorta flattered (eh?). Maybe I've come to be so self-deprecating thanks to my three sisters or an instance like now, when I see not-so-glamorous photos of myself.

When Jesse and I were taking these photos it was after a day full of parties celebrating family and friends. We were both pretty tired but the lighting was so gorgeous that we wanted to try to take a few photos. The funny thing was that in all of the photos I looked terrible. I also had to laugh because we had just taken the most stunning photos of our friends, Kevin and Nicole. She is the most photogenic person I know-- their wedding photos are probably going to be the fillers that come in all of the frames when you buy a new picture frame. The two of them are seriously too perfect and are always a joy to be around.

With time, I've come to know the elements that make a perfect photo and trust me, none of those are happening in these photos. I've perused a few fashion/lifestyle blogs and honestly I don't think I've EVER seen ANYONE post a BAD photo of themselves. So I thought why not be the first. Jesse and I have an entire external hard drive of bloopers and bad photos of me. I could start an entirely new blog IMPERFECT 10 SF (I just looked up the antonym for perfect and saw this long list: bad, corrupt, flawed, imperfect, inferior, poor, second-rate, wrong, incomplete, inept, inexpert, unfinished. There were more but I felt like I was getting into a weird Beyoncé/ Colbie Caillat girl power lyric word association rabbit hole).

Point of the story is this: bloggers, take your pictures earlier in the day. Just kidding. Truly though, you are the one who gets to choose if you feel perfect or imperfect. What's it going to be? 

Here are a few of my favorite perfect, in their own way, photos! 

Shop perfect 10 style here (candid camera face not included)!


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