I saw this perfect pair from Stubbs and Wooton and immediately thought of my absolute favorite pee-wee hockey team, The Mighty Ducks. Although the shoes might not immediately make you think about Gordon Bombay, Charlie Conway, Goldberg, Adam Banks, and the undefendable Flying-V, this pair is the pictorial depiction of mighty duck-- on one shoe you have the mighty and on the other shoe you have the duck.

Growing up in San Francisco, I only got to ice skate once a year at the Kristi Yamaguchi Embarcadero Ice Rink that was literally the size of an intersection. It was so tiny that we'd get dizzy doing loops. Watching a childhood classic "The Mighty Ducks" completely made me romanticize a cold Minnesota winter with a frozen pond in the back yard, where you could throw on your freshly sharpened skates courtesy of Hans and practice your hockey skills.

With the Ducks I was able to improve my knuckle puck, have a few laughs, travel to the Olympics, crush on Adam Banks, go to prep school, and listen to Queen's "We Are the Champions" on repeat.

Take the Buzzfeed quiz to find out which Mighty Duck you are right HERE. Remember, Ducks Fly Together!!!! quack! quack! quack!


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