Dawn and Aaron.

Dawn and Aaron.

Although I always try to pretend that I did my hair myself, I thought it's time to finally fess up because I can't keep this place a secret anymore!! I am SO excited to share my new favorite place in the city: Bloom Blow Dry Bar. Since it opened a few weeks ago, I have been four times-- I'm addicted. You're might be wondering what sets this apart from any other dry bar? Well, there are dozens of things! The location for one thing is extremely convenient for me. Living in Noe Valley, it was always difficult to trek over to the north side of the city, find parking, and be on time to my appointment. Located in West Portal, Bloom is the only blow dry bar on my side of the city. Parking is extremely easy as well! Read this article from Racked SF about the parking.

Bloom is where its at! The owner Dawn has created the most beautiful, welcoming, and luxurious interior and experience. She thought of every detail with the business, I am not kidding. From the incredibly easily app for booking appointments to wash bowls that have a pillow so you can rest your neck to the iPads at each station, loaded with magazines, she has truly created an experience, not just a blow out. 

I am extremely inspired by Dawn and her entrepreneurial spirit. Her dedication to her business, especially to the details is truly remarkable and something all of us should take note of. She has put her heart into the business and it shows. She hasn't taken a day off since August!! Not one day! And she is still beaming, welcoming, and enthusiastic about Bloom.

Dawn knows how to hire great people. Her team is truly amazing. It's a funny story: her right hand man Aaron used to work at another blow dry bar and actually did my sister Caitlin's hair when she was in labor with her first daughter, Camilla. Yes, Caitlin was in the early stages of labor, got her hair done and then went to the hospital. When Caitlin and I walked into Bloom last weekend, Aaron and Caitlin were reunited and we were laughing as we put the puzzle pieces together.

The same thing happened when I attended Bloom's kick-off party on Wednesday night. Sipping on Dawn's Dream wine, I saw familiar faces and family friends and friends of friends. It was a real party! Honestly, Dawn just attracts really great people and it's fun to be in an environment, especially in the beauty industry, where everyone is happy and welcoming.

Two of my favorite parts about Bloom: I absolutely love the names for all of the blow out options. I'm especially a fan of "Poppy" because that is what we call my niece, Camilla. Also, I am extremely obsessed with the products that Bloom uses. I had never heard of Unite before, but needless to say, I love it. I got a sample of the shampoo and conditioner in my goody bag from the party (I'm telling you, Dawn thinks of every detail) and I love it. It is purple, which is really great for blondes. It also smells so good and protects my hair.

More than just a place to get blow outs, Bloom is a place to go and relax, get pampered, and be around wonderful people. When you go check it out, there is a 97% chance you will see me there!

Oh and I should mention, you'll definitely want to check out the memberships and blow out packages! They are such a great deal! 

Here are perfect pairs to add a little Bloom to your life!!

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