I first found out about Packed Party when the founder, Jordan, contacted me about grabbing coffee. I always love meeting new people, especially female entrepreneurs, so I jumped at the chance to meet up. We instantly connected and it was like we had been best friends for all of our lives-- we were laughing, swapping hilarious stories, and sharing our goals and dreams for our respective projects.

I immediately fell in love with Packed Party, not just for the perfect alliteration, but because the idea is so genius. Having moved to San Francisco from Dallas, Jordan experienced what it was like to be in a new city with a small social network. One night, she wished that she could send herself a present--an actual Pity Party -- and voila-- Packed Party was born!!!!

I am extremely inspired by Jordan, how business savvy she is, her dedication, her #girlboss status, and truly believe that the woman behind these perfect presents packs a big punch. She is charismatic, a true people-person, and genuinely wants her blue package on your doorstep to make your day and life better.

Packed Party makes the perfect present for any occasion- birthdays, bridesmaids gifts, a kind thank you, and more. The items inside the package are always changing and Jordan personally curates the them.

Check out Packed Party for more information and shop a few Perfect Party Pairs below!


caroline curran