I LOVE this foxy brand. The name Kitsuné comes from the Japanese word kitsune, meaning "fox". In Japan, the fox is said to have the power to change its appearance and its face; the many faces and appearances of the fox represent the different parts and directions of Kitsuné.

Complete self disclosure: my first screen name on AOL was FoxyCMC831. Oh boy!! I cannot believe that. I will never forget the yellow shirt with "FOXY" written in orange glitter that I bought from Contempo Casuals!!! HAHAHA. I wore that to see one my favorite movies "The Skulls" at Kabuki. Are there names any more perfect than Luke McNamara and Caleb Mandrake?! But seriously, RIP Paul Walker.

Do you think one day I will look back at Perfect 10 SF and laugh of embarrassment over the name choice? Hopefully not because I have so many great ideas and plans for Perfect 10 SF. Stay tuned!!

Fashioncaroline curran