Where to start when talking about my new favorite spot in San Francisco, Goorin Bros.?! Truth be told, I don’t spend a lot of time in North Beach so it was kind of a big deal to make it over to attend the happy hour. Just by coincidence, I was meeting girlfriends later at Don Pisto's, which is just around the corner, so it all worked out. I am glad that I made it over to the 94133 because Goorin Bros. is amazing! They were having a happy hour and it was bustling with regulars, neighborhood folk, tourists, and more.

Walking down Stockton Street I could smell the delicious food at Park Tavern, saw people walking their dogs in the park, and heard gorgeous jazz music cascading out of the most eye catching store. As I approached Goorin Bros. I honestly felt like Harry Potter walking down Diagon Alley. The dark wood, perfectly boxed hats, and old-timey feel of Goorin Bros. makes it feel like Ollivander Wands.

I was lucky enough to meet Michelle, Shop Keeper from the Goorin Bros. Union Square location who was hosting the happy hour. She is charming, bubbly, welcoming, and knows hats. Like most women, I gravitated towards the summer styles like the Panama hats. Michelle suggested I try on the County Line. It was the craziest, weirdest thing. Like a wizard's wand, I feel like the hat chose me. I ended up getting the first hat I tried on. Like I said, Michelle knows hats.

As someone who is just dipping her toe into the very deep of ocean of head wear, I am grateful that Michelle was there to be my lifeguard. She found the perfect piece for me and answered all of my many questions. I found out that Goorin Bros. was started in Pennsylvania but is based in San Francisco. They have 31 stores around the United States and are expanding rapidly. Customers include hat affenciados, regulars, cancer patients, and individuals who love quality, custom hats. I highly recommend you pop into Goorin Bros., if not for the perfect pieces, than for the perfect people who work there and the perfect photos you can take of the amazing space!!!

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