Anyone else's heart skip a beat when they saw this perfect pulse piece from Alexander Wang? When I am not wearing bow, hearts, or bows and hearts, I love wearing super playful pieces. I love how Wang extends the pulsing pattern to the sleeves, instead of just placing it on the center of the chest.

This piece makes me think of a high school newspaper that I love to read, "The Heartbeat". I think it could be a cool uniform for my mother-in-law who volunteers as an EMS on the weekends.

Lastly, it made me think about something I read a while ago about how some people in Japan believe that an individual's blood type or ketsueki-gata is predictive of his or her personality, temperament, and compatibility with others. I'm blood type O, the original blood type and the universal donor. 

Check out what your blood type says about your personality. Is it true?


Type A

Best traits: Earnest, creative, sensible, reserved, patient, responsible

Worst traits: Fastidious, overearnest, stubborn, tense

Type B

Best traits: Passionate, active, doer, creative, wild, strong

Worst traits: Selfish, irresponsible, unforgiving, erratic

Type AB

Best traits: Cool, controlled, rational, sociable, adaptable

Worst traits: Critical, indecisive, forgetful, irresponsible, "split personality"

Type O

Best traits: Confident, self-determined, optimistic, strong-willed, intuitive

Worst traits: Self-centered, cold, doubtful, unpredictable, "workaholic"