Women often say, "I think I am turning into my mother!" with such disdain. I look at this outfit and think, "Nice! I am wearing almost the exact same outfit as my mother!" My mom has always influenced my sisters and me, not just with style, but with her example of professionalism, kindness, altruism, dedication, and self-care. Growing up she would always make us brush our hair (which is why that fly away in the pictures above is driving me crazy!). 

Hearts have become the unofficial logo of the Curran family (the official logo is actually the iconic CC), so when I saw this blouse from J.Crew I was thrilled! I love the embroidered gold hearts and the fact that the top is long (this is a crop-top free-zone). The top reminded me a lot of the use of gold gilding in Renaissance art to make compositions pop. With such a detailed blouse, I ditched my classic pearl necklace and opted to stack gold bracelets

I feel happy when hearts are all around me. For my desktop background, I google "hearts in nature" and pick my favorite one and change it seasonally. For my birthday last month, I received two glass hearts to add to my collection. When people give me little heart things, I feel like they really understand me. <3

I have lots of heart clothes and jewelry and am hoping to get some perfect pairs with hearts soon. At the top of my list are the Commes des Garcon x Converse PLAY sneakers. I tried to order them last week but they are backordered so I might have to get these J.Crew heart kitten heels.

Sidenote: The blouse is now on sale!! Get it so we can be #twinning!