top: Catherine Malandrino (similar here) // purse: Kate Spade ( love this one too) // pants: J. Crew // shirt: James Perse

Happy Tuesday! From the pictures above, you can tell that I am in great spirits! Our doctors appointment yesterday was fabulous! Sorry, no announcement about the sex of the baby. We are waiting until this weekend to share the news with our families. The technician wrote down the sex on the card (see here from yesterday's post) and we'll open it later! 

It was definitely a fun appointment because it was me, Jesse, the technician, another technician who was observing and training, and then a student in residency who was observing. The room was a little packed but it was great to have such wonderful energy with us! On a side note, the resident was a male and at first I thought I don't want a male in there with me for this appointment! But then I thought to myself, so much of the birthing process is about exposing yourself and being vulnerable and I thought this was a great opportunity to push myself, especially since it was a sonogram on my stomach. For some women they might not even give this a second thought, but I realized that every single person I have ever gone to for a service (beauty or medical) has been a female. Except for the one time I broke my arm- the doctors who casted me (yes, I had two casts) were both males.

Thank you to everyone who has texted and called sending well wishes and wanting to know if we have any news. We feel so lucky to know that our little baby is already so loved. 

A quick update on the appointment that I wanted to share and also a few tips that I want to share with others going through this process!

Wear comfortable clothes: I usually wear leggings and a comfortable top because you have to slide your pants down. Don't wear anything too nice because you'll get the warm gel all over your clothes. Definitely leave the dresses and maternity jeans at home.

Time: This is a longer appointment- ours was almost an hour, so just be prepared and make arrangements according. We always try and schedule appointments first thing in the morning so that we're the first one seen and don't have to worry about delays. I do this for every appointment! I highly recommend it.

Don't Fill Up: Don't drink a lot before you go to the bathroom because they push on you A LOT when doing the exam.

Put your phone on silent: Gotta love the Curran family, but the grext (group text) can get a little intense. The whole office was buzzing! Again, gotta love the support!

Now that I saw our baby moving around so much it's starting to feel too real. Here are the perfect pieces for our little petite one! much to do now! First, the nursery! Then I will fill the closets. Who am I kidding?

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