Jesse and I have very different approaches to shopping. I like to shop frequently, getting a few pieces of a time. When Jesse shops he likes to stock up and get a ton of stuff. His favorite thing to buy is comfortable pants for work. Since he's got a busy schedule as co-founder of a tech company, his day ranges from coding all day, running meetings, to meeting with clients, investors and advisors. 

While he always looks great, I just have to remind him the importance of completing a look with the perfect pair. I always point him in the direction of East Dane because they have an incredible extensive selection, but better than that, they have an amazing way of organizing and filtering products, brands, and prices. For someone as detail oriented and linear as Jesse, these features are very important to him!

I love these perfect pairs! Make sure you check out East Dane for all of your needs to be a perfectly styled man!

L-R: H by Hudson, Zespa, 2nd Row: Grenson, Loake

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