With Friends taking center stage on Netflix, is there anyone who isn't watching the show? All these years laters it's so funny and impossible not to fall in love with all of the quirky characters. It was the one tv show that my entire family would watch together and I honestly think it helped us become closer, funnier, and wittier (just like how Glee is making me a lot more musically-inclined and vocally strong).

The one thing that does make me laugh is the fashion over the years. Oh, and the interior design of Monica and Rachel's apartment. The overly-eclectic style makes me feel a little bit better about not having our apartment in perfect order yet!

The theme song gets me every time- still such a classic. You cannot not clap at that one part. Where are The Rembrandts now?! It's hard to pick a favorite episode, but I do love the one where Phoebe finds the police officer's badge and pretends to be a cop. Or, I think one of the best ones is when Ross gets a pair of leather pants! 

Happy Throw Back Thursday! xo, Caroline

If the show was on today, I think these are the pairs Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe would wear!

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