I hate to say it, but Beyonce was wrong-- if you like it, then you better put a BOW on it! This is pretty much how I go about living life! But truthfully, I can't take all of the credit for loving bows. My mom would put big, beautiful bows in all four Curran girls' hair. She said that so she could spot us in the crowds, but I think it was a little bit about fashion too. 

I love bows, ruffles, feathers, tulle- anything and everything feminine. I got this sweater from Kate Spade a while ago and it has been the perfect piece as my body begins to change a little bit more each day. I love wearing my Pixie Pants with my trusty Tory Burch suede boots and a white blouse and sweater. I like structured pieces and one thing that I have noticed about maternity clothes is that most of them are flowy- not my style. We'll see if that changes.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Jesse and I are finally going to open the envelope from our doctor's appointment and find out the sex of our baby! Tomorrow we are having a party to share the news with family and friends! Sorry we didn't share right when we found out. It has been very sweet to see how badly everyone wants to know the sex!! I really appreciate it and am honestly even a little surprised myself that we haven't even been tempted to open the envelope. Maybe next time I will do a Friday's doctor appointment and then share with everyone the next day! 

Some other exciting news is that I can feel this baby moving around inside! I haven't felt any kicks yet, but I definitely feel some movement which is very cool. Now, I am getting excited to find out the sex!!!!

Now it's time to start planning the babymoon, right?! I'll take any suggestions you have!