dress: Ann Taylor (did you see my previous post with my favorite Ann Taylor coat? // shoes: Kate Spade (I actually got them for our rehearsal dinner. See my wedding post here. Love this pair and this pair. And well, every Kate Spade pair

Did you see yesterday's post about the sex of our baby? You can read it here! We are thrilled to say we are having a baby girl! Congratulations to everyone who guessed correctly!! Well now the exciting news is that I am 21 weeks pregnant and am more than half way. I am counting down instead of counting up, which is VERY crazy!! It hit me the other day when I was in an elevator (I can't remember where, which is weird because taking an elevator is out of the norm for me- I usually take the stairs) and I thought to myself, "HOLY CRAP! THIS BABY IS GOING TO BE HERE BEFORE WE KNOW IT!" Of course, we are very excited for the fun times ahead but it is weird that we only have 134 days until June 2nd! Truth be told, I'd love it if the baby was born on June 3rd- 06.03.15: multiples of three. Just like our wedding date 06.09.12! I am in to numbers!

I have still been feeling really great, but I have noticed that my body has changed the most this week. Ever since we left the doctors appointment last Monday, I think my unconscious finally realized and accepted the fact that I am pregnant. This week was the most tired I've been during the pregnancy. Luckily for me, and Jesse, I still have relatively a lot of energy. But I could have just been tired from staying up past my bed time watching Friends (read my post about the classic tv show here) three nights in a row. I think I stayed up until 1am watching that silly show!

I'm still wearing all of my same clothes and haven't ventured in to maternity clothes yet, although my closet is rapidly growing with perfect maternity pieces. Jesse and I are traveling in the beginning of February and I am hoping after I can hold off on wearing maternity clothes until after our trip. Stay tuned for more about our trip later! I swear at our gender reveal party on Saturday the bump was growing by the minute! I left the party bigger than when I arrived!

Also, funny enough, I stepped on the scale and it said I had gained 50 lbs! Oh my heavens. For a split second I was very concerned. I just moved the scale onto an even surface and the correct number showed up. It was quite startling but funny. There's never a dull moment around here!

To celebrate the exciting news, I threw on my favorite pink dress and Jesse and I had an afternoon cocktail (well, mocktail for me) at our favorite local wine bar on Sunday afternoon. It was fun to spend some quality time together and start brainstorming names. Send any name suggestions our way!

Update on the Stats:

Baby is the size of: A Pomegranate. This past week marked the biggest growth for our baby girl! I think that's why I was so tired. It's crazy to think she is over 10 inches! A truly Perfect 10!!!! 

Weight Gain: 9 lbs. I borrowed my sister's scale so it will be easier to have consistent updates on the weight gain. I'm actually surprised it's not more than that. I feel like I actually have a bump (you can only see it when I wear certain clothes) and thought it would be more.

Common Symptoms: 

Heartburn/ Indigestion: I had one night of heartburn last week, I think Tuesday. Other than that, I've been fine! I was surprised I didn't have any heartburn after dinner at Mission Chinese with our pals Kevin and Nicole

Braxton Hicks contractions: None of these. Call me crazy, but I want to experience these!! I've been wanting to see what contractions will be like. I'll probably regret saying this!! You can read more about  Braxton Hicks contractions are here.

Leaky Boobs: Nope. But I think if I was leaking, I would feel good because I would know that there's milk in there! But I do feel like I need a new bra so I will probably pick one up this week. An over the shoulder, boulder holder is now a lot more applicable to me now! 

Dry, Itchy Skin: YES! But it's actually gotten better. I've been using a lot of Philosophy Fresh Cream for my back and legs. My bump doesn't itch at all (knock on wood), but maybe because it's still small. 

Stretch Marks: None on my bump.


This was the first week I felt a real difference in my body. I can feel our little baby girl kicking and it's so much fun! I mostly feel her when I am laying down at night before bed. All week I kept trying to place Jesse's hands in the right spot to feel her kick and he finally felt it Friday night! It was SO exciting. My one and only complaint that I've had during the pregnancy is pain in my lower back. And actually, I think it's from my VERY heavy purse with everything in it- mostly my laptop and some books. I am going to look into seeing a chiropractor! I feel misaligned.

Cravings: The only thing I am craving is Sour Cream and Onion Pringles. I haven't had them since I was 8 weeks pregnant or so, but that's what I really want (and Jesse won't let me have them. Which is probably a good thing, but don't tell him I said that. It's been fun to kid with him about it.)

Grateful: I am so grateful for the love and support we have received from our family and friends- especially our parents! It honestly is amazing to know how loved our little baby will be. Oh, and how many babysitters we have on-call! We are planning on decorating the nursery with hearts as the main inspiration. This shouldn't be too surprising- it was the same for our wedding. I ordered a few things yesterday and I can't wait for them to arrive so we can get started on this fun project!

Excited about: Touring the new UCSF Mission Bay Benioff Hospital where we will be delivering. Taking our birthing and breastfeeding classes. Our babymoon! My sister's engagement party. That I still have a few seasons of Friends left. Getting our stroller! The long weekend! Starting my last semester at USF!!!!!

Thanks so much for reading! xo, Caroline

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