Dress: c/o J.McLaughlin NY (read about them here) not maternity, but it's so stretchy and comfortable // Lipstick: MAC Red // Hair Tie: Dior (jk it's Goody from Walgreens) 

Happy Monday! I hope that if you're back at work today it's not too painful! I start back at my counseling position tomorrow so I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to ease back into it. I am excited today because I am meeting a few of my former students from Sacred Heart who are starting a blog and want to chat about it. I can't wait to see them!! It's only been two months since I left there (which is shorter than a summer break), but I already miss them so much.

So a quick update on the pregnancy! I can't believe that I'm 19 weeks- only 21 more to go. Ha! That seems like a long time from now! You can see from the photo above that I don't have much of a bump (still) and it makes me laugh. Some people want to show right away and some who are showing early on wish that they weren't. Honestly, I'm so go-with-the-flow that I'd be fine either way. With my older sister, and I know this is true for most women, you show much earlier with your second because your muscles remember how to stretch. 

I've still been feeling pretty great. The only complaint I really have is how dry and itchy my skin is- especially my back! Maybe I'm getting bigger on my back- ha! Please tell me if my bump is coming out of my back, people!! My skin is stretching and is incredibly dry on my back and my right shoulder (have I emphasized my dry back enough?). I've always been able to get by with using very little lotion, but now I am in need of some good lotion. Please send any lotion recommendations my way! I have been daydreaming about a machine that applies lotion to my body just like a spray tan. I've never gotten a spray tan before, but I want to just stand there and have my back sprayed. What would I call this product? These are the things I think about when walking around Golden Gate Park! Luckily, my husband  and Roseanne, my masseuse will rub lotion on my back (speaking of- Roseanne, the complete series, is now on Netflix. I dislike that show, but I'm talking to you Lori).

My love affair with the Snoogle wasn't fleeting. Our relationship is still going strong! I love sleeping with it and highly recommend it for everyone. I feel like whenever I move, the Snoogle is there for me. A couple of nights ago, Jesse woke up (maybe he was half dreaming) and was concerned because he thought the Snoogle was choking me. I am laughing out loud right now thinking about it!! No, I was not being choked by the Snoogle.

Next Monday, we have our 20 week appointment and find out the sex! I'm actually more excited to have an ultrasound and make sure that everything is okay in there!! I think I felt the baby kick two nights ago and I screamed and then Jesse screamed and he was upset because I really scared him. Again, I am laughing out loud at these situations. Maybe I should start a reality tv show!

Baby is the size of: Mango at 6.0 inches (ps- I am allergic to Mangos so this makes me laugh)

Common Symptoms

Aches and Pains in Abdomen: Don't really have these. Surprised because the most tightness I feel is at the very top of my abs under my chest. It just feels like I did a lot of sit-ups and need to do the Snake Pose.

Dizziness or lightheadedness: The only dizziness I have is from trying to type lightheadedness- is that really one word? Again, I've been VERY lucky with this. If you're having dizziness, try standing up slower.

Hip pain: Some of this, but nothing compared to what I had when training for my half marathon a few years ago. I'm excited to start up prenatal pilates again this week. I have more tightness in my hamstrings and quads than normal and can't wait to loosen up.

Weight Gain: 7.5 lbs 

I can still fit into all of my clothes, which makes me wonder if I was buying them too big before! Just kidding. I've been wearing leather pants with an elastic waistband and my Pixie Pants, so those still fit. I do have maternity Pixie Pants (of course!!) and will probably wear those in a few weeks. I think the real growth comes around 22 weeks-25 weeks.

Grateful: I am very grateful for everyone's kind words and support. It's very surreal to think that in a few short months there will be a baby here!!!! I am grateful that people enjoy my quirky stories. I am very grateful for the medical care we have received with OneMedical and UCSF. I can't wait for next week's appointment!!!

I felt like I HAD to share the photo below because it was RIGHT after the photo above! A bug flew into my mouth and I was trying to ask Jesse for some water, but instead he captured the moment. Oh dear lord, this proves Jesse is not allowed to have a camera in the delivery room!!

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